4 of the Best Lawn Mowing Forums

The great thing about the lawn mowing trade is that no matter whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, there’s always something to learn.

Whilst books and online videos can be helpful, you often can’t beat the knowledge you can gain from engaging with other contractors or enthusiasts.

Now, it’d be great to do this with a cold drink after doing your last lawn for the week, but that’s not always possible and that’s what makes online forums such a great place to get together with others contractors.

We’ve definitely learnt a lot over the years from either participating in or reading countless lawn mowing and lawn care forum threads and posts from around the web.

So we’ve decided to save you a whole lot of time, by listing the best lawn mowing forums from around the web. Check them out below:

Independent Lawn Mowing Contractors of Australia Forum

Every contractor with an Internet connection has probably stumbled across the Independent Lawn Mowing forum at some point in time. Many of the discussions contained on this site are worth their wait in gold to newbies, as well as more experienced professionals. Topics discussed include everything from lawn care tips, advice for those starting out, help with marketing and even a thread titled “The National Public Toilet Map”, which I’m sure every contractor has needed at some point in time. So if you’ve got a question about the business (and it hasn’t already been asked – don’t forget to search first) this is a great place to ask for advice, especially for those based in Australia like us.

Lawn Club

This Australian site is another favourite of ours. This independent Aussie lawn and garden contractors community, has many active users sharing a wealth of valuable experience and information for other contractors to absorb. Discussions include tips for doing the job, finding clients, buying the right gear and more. There is also a host of helpful articles available free for Lawn Club members, so once you’re done browsing and participating in the forums check them out!

Lawn Mower Forum

The Lawn Mower Forum is a very popular site from the US of A and is a great hub for lawn mowing professionals and enthusiasts alike to come together and discuss lawn care, maintenance and landscaping. It features many discussions about both commercial and residential lawn mowing, with countless tips shared by members of its community. Whether you’re unsure how to treat a particular issue with your grass or you need advice on the correct height or cutting technique when using the mower, this is the place for you.

Lawn Site

The forum over at Lawn Site is another great place to read about life as a lawn care pro. Whilst, this site is also based in the United States, much of the advice, especially that regarding the day to day running of a lawn care business, applies to contractors in Australia and the United Kingdom too. The ‘Starting a Lawn Care Business section is a great resource and the “Do’s and Don’ts tips for the new guy” thread is the perfect place to start. This thread was created way back in 2001 and now has over 800,000 views and hundreds of awesome tips from those working in the industry.

But before you rush off and check out all these great new resources, don’t forget your forum etiquette. Once registered, make a comment to introduce yourself and say “hi”, most importantly and always remember to search for a topic before asking, in case it has been covered previously. This is important if you wish to avoid the wrath of other forumites, however don’t let it deter you from participating conversations!

We hope you enjoy these sites and if you know of one we’ve missed send it our way and we’ll check it out.

If this all a little too much for you, that’s cool! Why not give us a call and let us take care of your lawn and garden.


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