Common Australian Lawn Weeds

Having a healthy and vibrant lawn can really improve your quality of life. Your children will love playing on it, your home will be more enjoyable to live in, and it will increase the value of your property. Having a healthy lawn can also reduce local air pollution, dissipate heat and reduce road noise.

Unfortunately, maintaining a healthy lawn does require some work! Good lawn care involves regular fertilisation, mowing, aeration, and weeding. Because lawn maintenance is so labour intensive, most people turn to a professional lawn care service like Ready Mowing. Our expert lawn care specialists can turn your lawn into a work of art!

This guide will discuss some of the most common weeds found in Australian lawns. Then, we’ll explain some of the approaches that can be used to tackle them.

Bindii (Soliva pterosperma)
Bindii (pronounced Bindi-eye) is a common weed found in many Australian backyards. It can quickly change your backyard from a pleasant space into a booby-trapped nightmare! Bindii can be particularly annoying if you have small children who want to play on your lawn.

Bindii is a low-growing weed that can be difficult to detect in its early stages. While the weed is green it is entirely harmless to walk on and you may not even notice it in your lawn. By the time Summer has arrived, the bindii on your lawn will begin to die off, releasing the painful little seeds that get stuck in your foot.

Fortunately, removing bindii from your yard is simple. One simple method is to manually pull them out with a hand tool. This type of manual wedding should be performed in late Autumn or Winter, when the bindii is still green. Weeding is best done after it has rained, as the soil is softer. Your lawn mowing service can undertake this type of weeding for you.

Herbicides containing MCPA and Dicamba are also very effective at killing bindii. Products with these chemicals can kill a range of broad leaf weeds without negatively impacting your lawn. They work by disrupting the plant’s growth processes.

Because bindii prefers tightly compacted soil aeration can also be useful. Finally, asking your lawn mowing service to mow your grass at a higher level will reduce the amount of bindii you have. Mowing it higher makes your grass more competitive against flat weeds like bindii.


While finding four leaf clovers can be a fun game for your children, this weed can eventually spoil the look of your lawn. As it dies off, it becomes quite unsightly and its flowers usually attract hordes of bees — which can be a problem if you have small children.

Clover is quite easy to identify. It has small green leaves with circular markings. These leaves sit on top of thin stems. Clover eventually produces small white flowers that attract pollinating insects. This weed can actually be beneficial in some areas of a garden, but ruins the look of a lawn.

Your lawn mowing service can remove clover by hand or use a herbicide. In Couch lawns, clover can be treated with herbicides containing Bentazone and Dicamba. Bromoxynil works well in Buffalo lawns.

Dandelion (Taraxacum)

Dandelion is another very common sight on Australian lawns. Despite it being considered a weed by most people, it can be beneficial when used in certain parts of the garden. It can bring up nutrients in the deeper levels of the soil and attracts pollinating insects. Unfortunately, it can spoil the look of a lawn and should be eliminated through weeding and other lawn care practices.

With its large flat leaves, yellow flowers, and white seed pods, dandelion is very easy to spot. It can be eradicated with manual weeding or by using a selective herbicide. Couch lawns can use products with Bentazone and Dicamba, while Buffalo lawns should use herbicides with Bromoxynil.

Unlike Dandelion, Cudweed has no positive attributes! This unsightly weed is fairly easy to identify due to its flat and shiny leaves. The leaves have a rosetta shape and the plant can produce small flowers on its stems. In many cases, the easiest way to remove Cudweed is by weeding because its leaves are resistant to herbicides. Herbicides can be made more effective by adding detergent to the solution.

Creeping Oxalis (Oxalis corniculata)

Creeping Oxalis can sometimes be mistaken for Clover, because the two plants look similar and grow in similar conditions. It is a creeping plant that can create new roots wherever its stems touch the ground. It is also a very fast moving plant that can invade a lawn in a matter of weeks. It tends to be more common in couch lawns, because healthy buffalo grass can smother it.

It is a difficult plant to remove via manual weeding because of its fine stem and small leaves. The best approach is to spray it with Bromoxynil (Couch lawns) or Bentazone and Dicamba (Buffalo lawns).

Nutgrass (Cyperus rotundus)
Nutgrass is one of the toughest weeds to handle, because it grows from a tuber beneath the soil. Get enough tiny nutgrass tubers mixed in with your soil and you will have a tough time removing them from your lawn.

The easiest way to eradicate them is with a strong dose of herbicides containing Glysophate, however these products will also damage your lawn. A herbicide product called Sempra can also be used to selectively kill nutgrass and it is safe to use on lawns with couch or buffalo grass. Multiple treatments may be required to rid your lawn of nutgrass.

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