Great Sydney Bands to Listen to on Australia Day


5 Great Sydney Bands to Listen to this Australia Day

Perhaps the greatest Australian band of all-time hail from Sydney, NSW and that is none other than AC/DC, or “Acadaca” as they are affectionately known. With millions of records sold worldwide and fans in every corner of the globe it’s hard to choose a single track to share, but we’ve picked ‘It’s a Long Way to the Top’. Check out the great music video below:

The Easybeats
This great Sydney band pioneered Rock n’ Roll on Australian shores. Songwriters Harry Vanda and the late George Young (brother of Angus and Malcom from AC/DC) penned a number of hits, but with Australia Day falling on a Friday this year, it’d be rude not to include our favourite ‘Friday On My Mind’ on our list.

Fronted by the late great Michael Hutchence, this Sydney band catapulted to global stardom in the 1980’s charting and playing epic sold out shows the world over. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the awesome 1991 Wembley concert to see them at the peak of their powers. Listen to ‘Don’t Change’ below:

Formed in the late 70’s, Icehouse started out as a pub rock style act playing in Sydney pubs. However, the band went on to achieve mainstream success in the 1980’s when it shifted to a more new wave and synthpop style. With a number of great tracks, the one that stands out for us is ‘Great Southern Land’:

You Am I
Last but not least, is You Am I. This great alternative rock band led by Tim Rogers also has its roots in Sydney, NSW. With a career spanning over 20 years, the band has released a number of great albums with our favourites being ‘Sound as Ever’, ‘Hi Fi Way’ and ‘Hourly, Daily’. Check out ‘Purple Sneakers’ below:

Be sure to add these great Aussie tracks to your Australia Day playlist and have a great celebration.

We look forward to adding more of our favourite Sydney bands to the list next year!

See you in the garden next week!

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